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Training Routine Splits – What is best for Your Goal? There are many different ways to go about programming workouts.
More Benefits of Exercise including Weight Loss Working out is good for you; this is a fact that is well
Muscle Confusion – The Confusion behind the (muscle) Confusion. For years now, the idea of muscle confusion has been a
Which is Better, Cardio or Resistance Training? The first consideration when deciding whether to do cardio or resistance training should
Want to know how to lose weight? Finding your Balance - The Big Picture Regarding Nutrition Simply put, losing weight
Replacing Meals To Lose Weight
Personal Trainer Jerome on Meal Replacements What’s the Deal with Meal Replacements? Meal replacements are an easy, effective, and convenient
Winning and Personal Training
Take Those Wins!! Praise yourself for a job well done. The job that I speak of does not always have
Healthy Eating With Apple - CT Fitness
Looking for the best trainer between Wallingford & Waterbury Connecticut? Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition serves Waterbury CT, Wallingford &
A.S. Transformation in CT
Looking for the best trainer near Waterbury Connecticut? Remember, Horizon Personal Training and Nutrition serves Waterbury CT and surrounding towns.
personal rtainer in CT.Billy flip
Having a Personal Fitness Training Gym near you will get you results during the ups and the downs! Remember, Horizon
Nutrition in Waterbury CT
Stop Stress With Nutritional Choices by your favorite CT Personal Trainer! What if I told you that you could stop
gain muscle fitness trainer in waterbury CT
Looking for the best trainer to gain muscle in Waterbury Connecticut? Easy, just ask the pros! In this article we
personal trainer Middletown Connecticut
From your Fitness Trainer in Middletown, CT Here are some tips for your routines! Need a personal fitness trainer in
Need a personal fitness trainer in Wallingford, Connecticut or surrounding towns of Cheshire, CT? Running is a very important type
personal trainer in Waterbury CT
Before we start personal training, we all have our own beliefs or some one has told us false information to
Your Personal Trainer in CT Discussing Breakfast Why is your personal trainer in CT feel Breakfast so Important? Having Breakfast
Looking for a personal trainer in CT? Read this testimonial from our friend Amy! Congratulations AMY!!! "I was lucky enough
      Managing Down Times As a personal trainer at Horizon in Connecticut I’ve got something important to share.
  Horizon Personal Trainers Craig and myself, Jerome lead the stretch to begin the walk for the American Cancer Society
Join Our Team for Relay for Life Cheshire Saturday, June 13, 2015 11:00AM - 11:00PM Cheshire High School Team:
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